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How A Knee Brace Can Help Reduce Your Knee Pain

How A Knee Brace Can Help Reduce Your Knee Pain

Knee pain is a problem many of us will experience at some time or another. The results of a study of Korean adults aged 50 or over as reported by the US National ...
Choosing The Best Knee Brace For A Meniscus Tear

Choosing The Best Knee Brace For A Meniscus Tear

A torn knee meniscus is unfortunately a relatively common injury among athletes in sports that require sharp changes in running direction or speed, e.g. football or ...
4 Suggested Home Remedies For A Sprained Ankle

4 Suggested Home Remedies For A Sprained Ankle

Many of us will experience a sprained ankle at least once in our lives. This injury can occur during many everyday activities ranging from slipping on an icy pavement ...
2 months ago
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Fine product

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4 months ago
Carol B

The best thermometer I’ve ever owned. So easy to use, effective and efficient as well. I genuinely love it.

Temperature can be taken without physical contact at multiple times within seconds, thereby enabling several persons to be tested with the one device/instrument.

Also included is a booklet with detailed information/instructions if needed.

I highly recommend it!

4 months ago
Carol B

This KN95 mask is highly similar to the N95. They both are rated to capture at least 95% of tiny particles, among other things.

However this one has an additional feature which, in my opinion, gives a better feeling of safety. The two straps go over the entire head - not the ears (like most other masks), thereby ensuring a better/tighter, more secure fit. Less risk of leakage.

So, compared to the N95 which has a slightly stronger breathability standard. I prefer this KN95 mask.

I’d say ‘grab it while you can’. It’s well made and in high demand right now.


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