Ankle Injuries In Baseball

Last updated on Mar 9, 2021 @ 2:39 am     
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Baseball player running in the outfield. Extensive running can produce ankle injuries and result in the need to wear an ankle brace for baseball games or practice. Ankle injuries for baseball players are an all too frequent occurrence. This is primarily the result of the large amount of running that baseball players have to do. Batters have to sprint at top speed between bases and then stop “on a dime” at the next base. Outfielders have to sprint after hits in order to get the ball back to the mound as quickly as possible. Ankle sprains and instability are the most commonly observed ankle injuries in the sport. When they occur, the best course of treatment is usually to allow the ankle to rest so that the injured ligaments can heal themselves in a natural fashion. Wearing ankle braces for baseball injuries helps to support and stabilize the joint and promotes healing.

Baseball players who are not suffering an ankle injury may nevertheless decide to wear ankle braces for baseball games or training sessions. The idea is to proactively strengthen the ankle against the stresses it will experience during the game. This will reduce the risk of incurring an injury in the first place. The idea is identical to the reason why many players may decide to tape their ankles before a game.

What To Look For In An Ankle Support

The ideal ankle brace for a baseball player will be a low profile support that he or she can wear inside his or her shoes with no loss of mobility of running speed. Light supports are also preferred for much the same reason.

Some ankle braces include a feature that increases friction against the skin in the presence of perspiration or other moisture. The result is a brace that remains more precisely in the correct position and provides superior therapeutic performance as a result. The BioSkin Trilok  below is an example of such an ankle brace.

For an explanation of some of the other benefits of wearing an ankle brace while playing baseball, read this post.

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