Using Back Braces For Baseball Injuries

Last updated on Dec 6, 2021 @ 4:12 am     
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Baseball batterFor a baseball batter, swinging the bat repeatedly at high speed exerts severe twisting forces on the back. This can in turn result in muscle spasms and strains. In addition to these injuries, baseball batters can develop a condition known as spondylolithesis. This is characterized by the displacement of individual vertebrae relative to adjacent ones. Back braces for baseball players need to be able to counter this condition.

In addition to spondylolithesis, back braces for baseball players need to be able to combat low back pain, another frequent complaint among baseball enthusiasts. This pain may itself be a result of an underlying condition like intervertebral disc degeneration. If so, the underlying condition needs also to be addressed as part of the treatment strategy. Left untreated, it can develop into spondylolithesis.

An ideal baseball back brace will be designed to treat the conditions mentioned above. However, the ideal brace should also be sufficiently low profile that the player can wear it under the uniform. If so,  it will provide support to the back during the game or training session.  At the same time, it will not restrict the player’s mobility or range of motion. Players who have previously suffered from back strains, sprains or other similar injuries will be less likely to experience another such injury.

The broader benefits of using back braces for athletic activity are explored here.

Other Injury Avoidance Strategies

In addition to wearing one of these back braces for baseball games, players should follow a routine for stretching and warming up prior to games. The objective will be to lengthen the back muscles, ligaments and tendons and make them more supple. In that condition, they are less likely to be damaged if subjected to sudden stresses or forces. Examples of effective back warm-up exercises may include seated torso twists, side bends and forward bends.

For more information on these and other warm ups or stretches, please read our post on cricket warm-up exercises.

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