Using Elbow Braces For Baseball Injuries

Last updated on Jul 14, 2021 @ 11:55 pm     
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Baseball player throwing a pitchAs with many sports that involve a throwing action, elbow injuries are an ever present factor in baseball and may lead to a need for elbow braces for baseball players. Elbow overuse injuries tend to mainly affect pitchers. This is not surprising, given their repeated performance of the throwing action. Most elbow injuries occur on the medial (inner) side of the elbow. This is the region on which the throwing action exerts considerable force. These injuries are similar to the elbow problems faced by cricketers as a result of repetitive throwing. Treating these injuries involves resting the injured tendons.  Wearing elbow braces for baseball injuries will help by reducing the vibrations travelling up the elbow  tendons. The result will be faster healing progress.

As with other types of brace, elbow braces for baseball injuries should ideally be low profile and light enough for the player to wear continuously. A low profile brace will also be easy to wear under the baseball uniform during a game.

Some elbow braces include features that allow them to adhere more tightly to the skin as a reaction to moisture such as perspiration. These are ideal elbow braces for baseball players given the powerful throwing movements required. A brace without such a feature may tend to slip from its proper position during play and be less effective as a result.

Elbow Warm Up Exercises

It’s advisable not to rely solely on using elbow braces while playing baseball. There are also warm up exercises that are designed to reduce the risk of elbow injury in baseball pitchers. As with other warm ups, the intention is to raise the temperature of (and lengthen) the muscles, ligaments and tendons that the pitcher uses in the throwing action. Warmer and more supple tissues are less likely to experience injury as a reaction to the forces from the throwing action. More information on such exercises is available here.

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