Kinesiology Tape For Baseball Injuries

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Baseball batter diving for the plate. Actions like this can cause overuse injuries that can be addressed by wearing kinesiology tape for baseball activity.Kinesiology tape will help to relieve sore and aching back and knee muscles at the end of a long game or practice/training session. Pitchers will also often experience sore and aching shoulder muscles and, in some cases, may suffer torn or damaged rotator cuffs as a result of repeated performing of the pitching action over a prolonged period. Batters may also experience sore back and torso muscles after a long period of striking practice. They can experience knee ligament sprains after repeated planting of the knee in a flexed position after arriving at a base. Using kinesiology tape for baseball injuries like these will help to lift the skin over the sore muscles and tissues and allow fresh blood and lymphatic fluids into the area for faster healing and recovery.

Another key advantage of using kinesiology tape for baseball injuries  lies in the fact that it will not interfere with the player’s movement in any way. Instead, kinesiology tape actually relies on the natural movements of the joints, muscles, etc. to carry out its healing function.

Compared to using an orthopedic brace for injury rehabilitation, kinesiology tape is much lower profile. Players  can easily wear it under clothes or inside footwear without hampering movement.

Wearing kinesiology tape for baseball related injuries has become increasingly popular in recent years for the reasons listed above. As a baseball player who aims to spend as much time as possible practising or playing, you owe it to yourself to try this approach to injury rehabilitation.

Other Advantages

Unlike taking oral medications like Tylenol, using kinesiology  tape for pain reduction will not produce any side effects. The tape  is hypoallergenic, so players won’t have to worry about allergic reactions to it. Additionally, if you are wearing kinesiology tape on a part of your body that is publicly visible, e.g. the elbow, please be aware that you can easily buy it in a large variety of colors, each of which is therapeutically identical. When wearing kinesiology tape for a baseball game, you can easily match the color of the tape to that of your team uniform. For example, you can purchase Mueller Sports Medicine Kinesiology Tape in any of over a dozen colours.

For more information on how kinesiology tape works, read this post.

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