Injuries In Basketball

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Basketball Player dribbling. Many basketball injuries can be attributed to the somewhat random and fast moving nature of the sport.Basketball injuries are typically the result of the jumps, sudden stops, starts and bursts of acceleration required as well as physical contact between the players. The jumping, starting, stopping and short sprints place a significant amount of pressure on the knees and ankles. The resulting injuries can range from ankle sprains and achilles tendonitis to knee tendonitis and osgood schlatter disease. Finger injuries can also occur from time to time. 

Athletes can reduce the risks of injuries to the ankles and knees by following properly designed conditioning routines that are designed to strengthen those areas. They can also wear adhesive and cohesive tapes on their ankles and knees to proactively reinforce them.

Physical contact between players can also result in injuries to the face and/or mouth. Mouthguards can also be used to protect the teeth and other parts of the mouth. If you have previously experienced a facial injury and would like to reduce the risk of re-injury of that area, a face guard may be the optimal solution. Basketball injuries to the mouth or face can be relatively severe. A face or mouth guard is an inexpensive way to reduce the severity of these injuries.

Other useful accessories for avoiding basketball injuries include compression shorts and other hip or groin supports. The need to undertake sudden short sprints can also cause groin or thigh injuries. Compression shorts, for example, can reduce the incidence of these injuries by reducing unwanted muscle vibrations in those areas. Similarly, calf supports can be useful for avoiding basketball injuries like calf strains.

For many basketball injuries, players can use a range of ankle and knee braces to promote  recovery. Kinesiology tape can also be a useful aid in promoting faster recovery of injured or sore ankle, knees and other areas. It will also help tired and aching muscles to recover more quickly from repetitive stress basketball injuries after a game or training session.

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