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Ankle Injuries In Basketball

Last updated on Mar 9, 2021 @ 3:35 am     
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A basketball player leaping to score a basket. Failing to land properly after jumping can sometimes lead to ankle injuries and the need to wear ankle braces for basketball play.Using ankle braces for basketball competition or practice will help to stabilize your ankle and protect it against the jumping, stopping and starting that you will frequently experience while playing your favorite sport. Even if you do not have a history ankle injuries, you can benefit from using an ankle brace as a preventive measure.

Ankle braces will also help your ankle to recover if you have developed ankle tendonitis or experienced an ankle sprain injury and are suffering from ankle instability as a result. In this situation, your ankle will require extra support to reduce the risk of re-injury. You will want to find an ankle brace that you can use both for playing basketball and for off court use.

Choosing An Ankle Support

When choosing good ankle braces for basketball, we suggest that you keep the following in mind:

  • The best ankle braces will be sufficiently  low profile that you can wear inside them your shoes, both athletic and everyday. These braces will provide continuous protection during the game. They will be ready to provide the protection you need when you land awkwardly after contesting a loose ball at the rim.
  • You should also look for a brace that will adhere firmly to your skin and not move around while you are wearing it. For example, the BioSkin Trilok comes with SkinLok™ technology that helps it to adhere more closely to your skin as a reaction to moisture like perspiration. 
  • Using light ankle braces for basketball is preferable as they will pose the least interference with your mobility.
  • Some braces come with anti microbial protection that will fight unpleasant odors or stains from perspiration, etc. These braces are obviously preferable, especially if you intend to wear the brace for basketball play.
  • Figure 8 ankle braces are intended to simulate the effect of taping the ankle. For this reason, some players may prefer them to other designs. The McDavid 195 ankle brace is an example of such a design.
For other factors to bear in mind when choosing a basketball ankle brace, see this post.

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