Basketball Knee Injuries

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Basketball player wearing a knee brace and taking a jump shot

Most knee braces for basketball knee injuries are purchased to help mitigate the symptoms of patellar tendonitis.  Patellar tendonitis, as well as Osgood Schlatter Syndrome, is one of the most common knee ailments among basketball players. It is usually the result of the frequent jumping, stopping, starting and sharp changes in direction that basketball players have to perform. Tears or sprains of the anterior cruciate ligament are also a common knee injury in basketball, as are knee sprains and strains, and meniscus tears.

Patellar tendinitis a.k.a. Jumper’s Knee is inflammation of the patellar tendon just below the knee cap. Basketball players in their teens are frequent victims of this condition.The  most popular knee supports for basketball players suffering from this overuse injury are knee straps that players normally wear just below the kneecap. They apply pressure on the patellar tendon to relieve the pain and allow healing. Examples of these knee straps are the McDavid Knee Strap and the LP Patellar Brace. Knee straps are light and low profile by definition, so wearing them on or off court is usually not a problem. As a result, they are a popular choice as a basketball knee brace. 

Choosing A Brace

Basketball players can also experience meniscus tears as well as tears or other damage to the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee. Recovery from these injuries can be promoted by using a knee brace. Without treatment, ACL tears can lead to osteoarthritis of the knee in the long term. The best knee braces for basketball players suffering from this condition are light, low profile braces that they can wear during games or practice. If you intend to wear a knee brace for basketball, you should also try to find one with anti microbial protection against unpleasant odours or unsightly stains. Wearing these braces continually will ensure that the player receives the maximum benefit in terms of knee stabilization and support. In addition, players with histories of experiencing these injuries and who wish to minimize the risk of recurrence can wear these braces. 

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