Hip & Groin Injuries In Basketball

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Basketball Player driving for the basket. This type of movement can result in an injury requiring the use of groin supports for basketball.Basketball requires a lot of sharp bursts of acceleration and sudden stops, which place great demands on the groin, hip and quadricep muscles  and ligaments.The result can be sprains or strains of the muscles and ligaments in those areas. Groin strains in particular can be very painful and require the athlete to undergo a period of active rest. This means that although the athlete can participate in physical activity, he or she should avoid those that cause any pain. During this period of active rest, the athlete can reduce the risk of re-injuring the groin by wearing one of a group of groin supports for basketball injuries.Similarly, hip supports for basketball players can help rehabilitate injuries like hip sprains.

Groin supports can be divided into two categories – compression shorts and groin wraps. Compression shorts are probably the most widely used groin supports for basketball injuries. They stabilize the muscles and ligaments of the groin and help prevent recurrence of groin strains.

However, compression shorts can also stabilize the soft tissues of the hip, quadricep and hamstring. As a result, they can also act as prophylactic supports to help prevent injuries to these other areas. 

Choosing A Support

When choosing from the many groin supports for basketball injuries, you should bear the following in mind:

  • You can wear compression shorts both on and off the basketball court. So even if you are healthy, you can use them to reduce the risk of groin injuries. Other groin supports may not be suitable for use while playing basketball as they may restrict movement.
  • Unlike groin wraps, compression shorts can also act as hip supports for basketball players.
  • Groin wraps are somewhat more adjustable than compression shorts in that the athlete can adjust the compression area. They also offer the ability to adjust the degree of compression as recovery progresses. 
  • Try to choose supports that are breathable and that allow your body to retain its natural temperature. Bio Skin Compression Shorts are an example of such a support.
  • Supports that wick moisture away from your body and allow it to evaporate will be more comfortable than those that do not.

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