Using Kinesiology Tape For Basketball Injuries

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Female basketball player accepting a pass. Wearing kinesiology tape for basketball games can reduce the incidence of injuries like a sprained wrist that can result from an incorrectly caught pass.Kinesiology tape for basketball players will help to mitigate the muscle soreness and fatigue at the end of a game or training session. In addition, basketball players can wear kinesiology tape during play for continued pain relief from overuse injuries. Kinesiology tape will help to lift the skin over the sore or damaged muscles and ligaments. The result of this lifting will be an increased flow of blood and oxygen into the injured area. This helps to promote a more rapid recovery.

In addition, kinesiology tape helps to speed the removal of fluids that are the by products of pain and inflammation from the site of the injury. This leads to increased pain relief.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of wearing kinesiology tape for basketball activities lies in the fact that, unlike many adhesive tape techniques, kinesiology tape does not restrict movement. Instead, it actually relies on the natural movements of the body to “lift” the tape and promote healing. This post explains the operation of kinesiology tape in more detail.

For basketball players, the areas that can benefit from wearing kinesiology tape include knees, ankles, shins and the back. The types of injuries would be mainly soft tissue or  overuse injuries. However, you can also treat acute sprains and strains using the tape.

Injuries That Must Be Treated By Other Means

In the case of other types of basketball injuries, alternative treatments will likely be preferable. For example, for facial and oral injuries such as those caused by another player’s hands or head, wearing kinesiology tape for basketball activity may not necessarily be the recommended approach. Nor will it be preferred for broken fingers or hands that can happen as a result of a finger jam while falling or trying to catch a pass.

Usage Instructions

  • For best results, apply the tape a few hours before beginning your game or training session.
  • Before application,  clean and dry your skin and remove lotions and creams.
  • Cut the tape to the required length
  • Stretch your muscles and bend your joints while applying the tape.

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