Using Arm & Elbow Performance Sleeves For Basketball

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Man wearing one of the elbow performance sleeves for basketballBesides speed and agility, performance in basketball is heavily dependent on efficient use of the arm and elbow in performing actions like shooting and passing. Using compression performance sleeves for basketball can improve the efficiency of the arm or elbow. This will in turn help to improve accuracy of actions like shooting or passing for which the arm and elbow play pivotal roles.

Good arm performance sleeves for basketball will improve the kinetic chain that extends from the shoulder to the mid forearm. This will allow for more efficient energy usage while shooting or passing. Similarly, good elbow performance sleeves will optimize the kinetic chain that extends from the mid upper arm to the mid forearm, with similar results.

Any action that depends on elbow flexion and extension movements will benefit from the enhancement of this kinetic chain. Good basketball performance sleeves will improve the storage of kinetic energy during elbow flexion and the release of that energy during extension. For an example of this, please see the LP EmbioZ Elbow Compression Sleeve.

Other Benefits

In addition to improved kinetic chain performance, good performance sleeves for basketball will:

  • Improve proprioception, which is the instinctive ability of the upper limb (wearing the sleeve) to sense its position and orientation. Proprioception also helps avoid positions that increase the risk of injury. 
  • Provide compression to the limb wearing the sleeve. This in turn improves blood and oxygen flow to the limb and reduces muscle fatigue.  The player will therefore be able to play at a high level for longer periods. For more information on the benefits of compression, please read this post.

As basketball performance sleeves are meant  for wear next to the skin, try to choose one with a seamless design. It will improve wearing comfort and prove to be less of a distraction during your game or practice session. For more information on how compression works, please read this post.

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