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  • Andover PowerFast
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    Andover PowerFAST is a flexible, adhesive and elastic tape. Composition is from synthetic material and is non water absorbent, thin and comfortable. The tape retains its elasticity over time. It is thin and provides high wearing comfort. It offers  an economical alternative to stretch tape from competing manufacturers. Available in a variety of colors and…

  • Andover Powerflex - white
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    Andover PowerFlex – the ultimate performance bandage. This is a self adhesive  bandage that will not stick to hair or skin, making it an excellent choice for hirsute individuals or furry pets. Used by many sports teams and academic institutions across Canada and the US. Available in many colors and sizes ranging from 1″ to 4″. Usable with Powertape or Victorytape to form an extremely strong combination taping system. Sold and priced by the roll. Made in the USA.

  • Andover PowerTape
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    Andover PowerTape is used in combination with PowerFlex® for the Ultimate Taping System.

  • Andover VictoryTape
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    Andover VictoryTape is the economical alternative to Andover Powertape.  EYou can apply either PowerTape or VictoryTape in tandem with Andover PowerFlex to provide an extremely robust taping combination. This replaces the need for pre wrap and adhesive spray. Like PowerTape, Andover VictoryTape resists both sweat and water. This helps it to continue providing support and stability…