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  • Analog EMS Unit - Model 550
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    Analog EMS Unit – Model 550


    The BodyMed Model 550 analog ems unit is a great choice for rehabilitating atrophied or damaged muscles as well as for strength conditioning. Key features include a hard plastic carrying case for damage protection, dual controllable output channels, 3 possible treatment modes and a versatile timer.

  • Analog Tens Unit Model 250
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    Analog TENS Model 250


    The Model 250 from BodyMed is an analog tens unit that comes with many safety features such as protective caps for the user control knobs and a timer. It comes with all accessories needed for its operation and offers exceptional value for money.

  • BodyMed Electrodes - 2" Round
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    BodyMed Electrodes come with a foam backing and are also equipped with a carbon film and pure silver conductors.

  • Digital TENS EMS Device - Model 900
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    Model 900 Digital TENS/EMS/IF unit


    The Model 900 Digital TENS/EMS comes ready for use with 2 lead wires, a 4 pack of electrodes, a 9 volt battery and AC adaptor. Can be used for either pain relief of muscle rehab and includes several features that enhance user safety as well as convenience and ease of use.