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  • DynaPro Adhesive Non-Woven Fabric
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    Adhesive Non-Woven Fabric – 10M Roll


    Use DynaPro Adhesive Non-Woven Fabric to secure your primary wound bandages and dressings. Its hypoallergenic material and latex free adhesive will ensure that you will enjoy the security it provides with no concerns about skin irritations or other medical reactions.

  • DynaPro Disposable Face Mask
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    ASTM Level 2 Disposable Masks – 50/Box


    The DynaPro Disposable Medical  Face Mask has 3 layers with non woven inner and outer layers, a central filtration layer made from melt blown fabric. and provides ASTM Level 2 filtration levels.

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    ElastikWrap Non Tear Elastic Tape


    DynaPro ElastikWrap is ideal for taping larger joints or highly contoured body areas. It is highly tensile but non tearable and comes with a red centre quide line to facilitate consistent and accurate taping.

  • DynaPro Face Shield
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    Face Shield – Eye, Nose & Mouth Protection


    The DynaPro Face Shield incoroporates anti fog, anti glare and anti shatter features. It comprehensively protects the three mucous membranes of your face – eyes, nose and mouth – from invasion of harmful particles, viral or bacterial matter.

  • DynaPro Kinesiology RestoreTape - 5M Roll
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    Kinesiology RestoreTape


    Use DynaPro Kinesiology RestoreTape for possible relief from pain and faster recovery from aching and sore muscles, damaged ligaments, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, strained muscles /tendons and many other overuse injuries. Available in colours black, blue, beige and red and in lengths of either 5M or 31.5M. Hypoallergenic, latex free and waterproof. May be effective even for periods as long as 4-5 days.

  • DynaPro KN95 Respirator with Headstraps

    KN95 Respirator with HeadStraps – 20/Box


    The DynaPro KN95 respirator has a five layered design, uses a head loop harness for optimal fitting reliability and has an average filtration rate of over 99%.

  • DynaPro Porous Zinc Oxide Tape
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    Porous Zinc Oxide Tape

    DynaPro Porous Zinc Oxide Tape will secure your joints and muscles under the most demanding conditions while leaving you  dry, cool and comfortable underneath.
  • DynaPro Reusable Cold & Hot Compress
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    Reusable Cold & Hot Compress


    The DynaPro Reusable Cold & Hot Compress is a versatile non-toxic compress that you can use for both hot and cold therapies and for treatment of both acute and chronic injuries.

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    Rigid Athletic Tape – 15 Yd Roll

    Our latex free and hypoallergenic DynaPro Rigid Athletic Tape is made for the serious athlete who wants to maintain a high performance level with reduced risk of injury or re-injury.
  • DynaPro SelfWrap
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    SelfWrap Cohesive Bandage


    Choose DynaPro SelfWrap 5yd and 6 yd rolls for a latex free and hypoallergenic solution to your need for a cohesive bandage that will stick only to itself and provide the support and compression you need for treatment of your soft tissue injuries.

  • DynaPro Shoulder Pulley
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    Shoulder Pulley


    The DynaPro Shoulder Pulley can help you exercise to rehabilitate your shoulder from bursitis, an injured rotator cuff or other causes of shoulder pain.

  • DynaPro StretchLight
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    StretchLight Tearable Elastic Bandage

    Use DynaPro StretchLight for superior conformability and support for knees, ankles, hands and wrists, particularly when treating sprained or vulnerable joints. Its latex free and hypoallergenic composition also makes it the ideal choice for those with sensitive skin or for those with histories of allergic reactions.