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  • Kinesio Pre Cut Starter Set
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    Pre Cut Starter Set For Pain Relief


    The Kinesio Pre Cut Starter Set is a combination set that comprises one each of the Kinesio Pre Cuts for the wrist, knee, back, foot, neck & shoulder. Each pre cut comes with instructions and illustrated guides. These help you apply the tape for the maximum therapeutic benefit. This is of particular benefit if you…

  • Kinesio Pre-Cut Application
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    Pre-Cut Application


    Use Kinesio Pre-Cut Application tapes to relieve pain in your  foot, back, shoulder, wrist, neck or back. It is also useful for treatment of various injuries. As the pieces are pre-cut, you do not need to cut them before putting them on, which simplifies application.

    This is thin and highly elastic tape that can stretch to up to 140% of its original length. If you apply it while it is stretched, the recoil will create a pulling force on the skin. This force will expand the space between the skin and the tissues underneath. The result will be improved circulation of blood and other fluids through the site of your pain. The tape is also latex free.

  • Kinesio Tex Classic
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    Tex Classic


    Kinesio Tex Classic successfully treats a variety of orthopaedic, neuromuscular, neurological and medical conditions. It provides fast and effective pain relief and support for muscle aches and pains and directly targets the fascia (skin layers) and muscle tissue to treat the cause of muscle inflammation and pain.