Cricket Injuries

Last updated on Jun 28, 2021 @ 12:28 am     
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Fast bowler delivery in cricketProbably the most prevalent cricket injuries belong to the group generally known as rotator cuff injuries. Bowlers and fielders are most at risk here, as the bowling action uses the shoulder joint in a manner very similar to throwing. Both bowlers and fielders use this “throwing” or bowling action dozens or hundreds of time during a game. Consequently, many injuries in cricket are linked to overuse of the shoulder.

Many injuries are also linked to the rapid sprinting as well as occasional sharp changes in the speed and direction of running required when fielding. When these things happen, significant pressure is placed on the ankle as the body either “pushes off” or twists sharply to change direction. As a result of this, sprained ankles are another frequently seen type of cricket related injury.

Cricketers can also suffer from contusions – either of soft tissues or of bones – as a result of a blow from the ball. Unlike the above cricket injuries, contusions are not overuse injuries. The appropriate treatment usually takes the form of a cold compress applied right after the injury occurs. On occasion, cricket injuries can take the form of a blow to part of the face unprotected by the helmet.However, these injuries are much rarer than they used to be before the introduction of batting helmets.

Besides the cricket injuries listed above, players can fall prey to thrower’s (or golfer’s) elbow, which cause pain on the medial (inner) side of the elbow. Lower back pain is another injury that unfortunately affects cricketers as it does players of many other sports. To proactively reduce the risk of experiencing cricket injuries, please consider the warm up exercises discussed here.

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