Using Adhesive Tape For Cricket Injuries

Last updated on Jul 21, 2021 @ 11:09 pm     
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Cricketer bowling a cricket ball - demonstrates the importance of adhesive tape for cricket players who need extra ankle stabilityCricketers place significant strain on their ankles while playing their sport. Bowlers will frequently land on the ground with great force after completing a delivery. Fielders have to sprint at high speed and stop abruptly after retrieving the ball. Batsmen have to sprint between creases in order to avoid a run out.  Any of these things can result in an ankle sprain. Adhesive tape for cricket players can help to reduce this risk, if applied properly to the ankle.

Cricketers’ knees can also experience pressure as a result of these activities. As a result, and owing to the contoured shape of the knee, the use of adhesive tape for cricket injuries should always be a consideration.

Adhesive tape is also low profile enough to be worn under cricket boots. It can therefore provide “real time” support to ankles and knees and help to proactively avoid injury. In most cases, the best choice of adhesive tape for cricket related injuries would be  zinc oxide tape like DynaPro Zinc Oxide Tape or Renfrew Athletics tape. For more robust support, you can try the Mueller Sports Medicine Stretch M tape. This will give maximum support to knees, elbows or shoulders. However, unlike K Tape, you would typically only wear this tape for a game or practice session and remove it afterwards. It is also more restrictive of movement.

If you need only light support and want to minimize restrictions on your movement, you can try a light elastic tape like DynaPro Stretchlight. You can also use elastic tapes like this one to add secondary support to another, primary, tape job.

More information about using adhesive tape for cricket related and other injuries can be found here.

As with all sports, the best way to avoid injury is to make sure that you are in good physical shape and warm up properly before the game. For some additional tips on warming up properly before a game of cricket, read this post.

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