Using Ankle Braces For Cricket Injuries

Last updated on Jun 28, 2021 @ 12:32 am     
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A fast bowler just after delivery - these players are most likely to benefit from using ankle braces for cricketWearing ankle braces for cricket can help bowlers and fielders avoid injury.  They will reinforce your ankle against the extensive starting, stopping, changes in direction and other causes of stress. You can wear a pair of low profile ankle braces for cricket inside your cricket boots. They will provide much needed support to your ankle. You will be more able to avoid ankle sprains and other injuries that tend to befall cricketers. Whether you are a fieldsman landing awkwardly after leaping into the air to take a catch or a batsman sprinting to avoid a run out, you will find that investing in an ankle brace for cricket like those shown below will be money well spent. However, the players most likely to benefit from wearing ankle braces are the fast bowlers. Their ankle ligaments are likely to be stretched when they plant their feet on the ground as part of the bowling action.  For them, the support of an ankle brace will make the most difference. 

When it comes to choosing ankle braces for cricket injuries, the design of the brace is an important factor. For prophylactic purposes, i.e. if your ankle is healthy and you are using an ankle brace purely to prevent a cricket injury, we suggest using an ankle brace with straps. You can tighten these braces to get your preferred mix of support and comfort. If, on the other hand, you have an ankle sprain and need an ankle brace for rehabilitation purposes, you can try an ankle brace with a stirrup design. It will allow your ankle to move vertically but prevent it from rolling in or out.

For some more guidance on how to treat an ankle sprain, read our post on this topic. To read more about the benefits of using an ankle brace to treat sprains, this article will be helpful. 

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