Using Back Braces For Cricket Injuries

Last updated on Dec 6, 2021 @ 4:14 am     
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Bowler completing a delivery and showing the amount of back bending required, which can lead to the need to wear back braces for cricket activity.Cricket players probably experience back injuries more than any other type of cricket related injury. The reasons for this are not difficult to understand, particularly for fast bowlers. Studies have shown that a fast bowler absorbs ground reaction forces of approximately five times and twice his or her body weight through the front and back feet respectively. The ankles absorb some of this energy, and this gives rise to the ankle injuries that we discuss here. However, most of the remaining energy travels up through the body and into the spinal area. In addition, the act of fast bowling generates additional forces at the lumbo-sacral junction. This is where the small of the back connects to the rear part of the pelvis between the hips. To help mitigate the impact of these forces, a fast bowler may consider purchasing a back brace for cricket.

Back braces will help to protect against many types of cricket related injuries, including low back pain. If your back is presently healthy and you are looking for a prophylactic measure to prevent this problem, you can consider wearing one of the low profile back braces for cricket matches or practice. A brace like the BioSkin Back Skin would be ideally suited to this situation. This article provides more information on how to choose a back brace for lower back pain. In more severe cases, cricketers may develop spondylolisthesis, and wearing back braces for cricket may be of help with that condition also.

We present various options for cricket back braces below. These braces will help protect against low back pain,  spondylolysis and other related conditions. They will also mitigate the resulting pain and discomfort if you already suffer from these injuries.

Other Back Injury Prevention Measures

As an alternative to wearing back braces for cricket, you may be able to reduce the risk of recurrence of your back injury by making slight changes to your bowling action. A bowling coach can advise on the changes to be made and can supervise the adjustments.

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