Using Elbow Braces For Cricket Injuries

Last updated on Mar 9, 2021 @ 3:52 am     
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A batsman at the crease patting the wicket. Some elbow problems can befall batsmen who use the incorrect grip size and may need to start wearing an elbow brace for cricket games or practice.Elbow injuries in cricket usually take the form of inflammation of the tendons surrounding the joint. Many people refer to the condition as “thrower’s elbow”. Outside the sport, others refer to it as golfer’s elbow or tennis elbow. As the first name implies, these elbow injuries are usually the result of throwing the ball, an action that many cricketers repeat possibly dozens of times each day. Many elbow supports are designed to deal with tennis or golfer’s elbow. As a result, players of the sport with elbow problems should consider wearing one of these elbow braces for cricket games and practice. 

Injuries treatable by wearing elbow braces for cricket can take a number of specific forms. Most of these tend to focus on the inner (medial) side of the elbow as that is where the act of throwing the ball tends to concentrate considerable force. There is a strong similarity between the causes of elbow injuries in cricket and those in baseball. In both sports, the injuries are mainly a result of repetitive use of the throwing mechanism.  This article discusses the process of choosing an elbow brace for tennis elbow or one for golfers elbow. You can also get answers to other elbow questions you may have here.

In some cases, batsmen can experience elbow problems as a result of gripping the bat for a prolonged period or using an incorrect grip size.

If your doctor diagnoses you with this problem, he or she may recommend rest for the elbow as well as the use of an elbow brace for cricket like one of those below. These braces will reduce the painful vibrations that travel through the inflamed tendons and reach the elbow. Using one of these elbow braces for cricket may help you enjoy your favorite pastime without pain or discomfort.

Other Elbow Injury Treatment Strategies

It is important to appreciate that in some cases, a coach can trace the cause of the injury to incorrect throwing or batting technique. In these cases, the coach can alter the throwing technique to address the problem.

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