How Kinesiology Tape Works

Last updated on Jun 28, 2021 @ 12:41 am     
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Cricketer Bowling In Net Practice- The strain on the body from this bowling action increases the importance of kinesiology tape for cricket playersKinesiology tape can help to relieve the symptoms of many overuse injuries . It lifts the skin over injured muscles, tendons and ligaments and allows a fresh supply of blood and lymphatic fluids to the area. So, with the multitude of overuse injuries that can befall a cricketer, wearing kinesiology tape for cricket brings many benefits.

Kinesiology tape can help to treat shoulder injuries like rotator cuff damage or just shoulder pain in general. Shoulder injuries are a major factor among cricketers due to the significant amount of over the shoulder activity like throwing and bowling. So using  kinesiology tape for cricket injuries like these should be an option for most players. Repetitive throwing is also a significant factor in many baseball injuries, and kinesiology taping can play a similar role there also.

Other cricket injuries that kinesiology tape can help to heal through are sprained ankles and thrower’s  (or golfer’s elbow) in which the tendons on the medial (inner) side of the elbow become inflamed through overuse. Cricketers also frequently suffer from lower back pain, another overuse injury. Wearing kinesiology tape for cricket can also help to treat these injuries. 

Usage Tips

For best results when using kinesiology tape for cricket, be sure to apply the tape along your muscles, ligaments and tendons. Additionally, remove excess hair from your skin before applying the tape, clean your skin and allow it to dry completely. Apply the tape at least one hour before beginning your cricket game or practice. This will allow the tape to properly stick to your skin. Finally, if applying the tape to a joint, keep the joint bent during application.

For answers to possible additional questions you may have about the benefits of using kinesiology tape for cricket or other sports, please read this post. For even more detailed information on how to apply kinesiology tape, please read this guide.

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