Using Performance Sleeves For Cricket

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Fast bowler delivering a The performance of a bowler in cricket is significantly influenced by his or her ability to use the bowling arm and elbow effectively and efficiently. Using performance sleeves for cricket will improve the accuracy and stability of the upper arm muscles. In addition, some performance sleeves will improve flexion and extension of the upper arm muscles. Bowlers and fielders will notice improved energy storage and release during bowling and throwing actions.

Using a compression performance sleeve for cricket also helps to enhance upper limb proprioception and  therefore reduces injury risk. Sleeves with compression will also increase the longevity of upper arm muscles and reduce muscle fatigue at the end of a long day. They do this by improving the supply of fresh blood to the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the arm and elbow. 

In cricket, footwork is critically important to being a successful batsman. Using leg performance sleeves for cricket will help to improve footwork in much the same way that arm and elbow sleeves do for bowling and throwing. They will enhance the accuracy and efficiency of leg movements and help you to be in the correct position at all times. If you are fielding, especially in the outfield, sprinting speed will be essential. So performance sleeves like the LP EmbioZ Leg Compression Sleeve or Compression Tights will help to improve your performance. They help to enhance the kinetic chain of lower limbs in much the same way that arm and elbow sleeves do for upper limbs. These are additional examples of performance sleeves for cricket enthusiasts to consider.

Other Compression Garments

In addition to the above performance sleeves for cricket, there are other compression garments that will cover the entire upper body and provide the same benefits to the shoulder, back and chest muscles. The LP Short Sleeve Shoulder Support is an example of this. Graduated compression legwear provides many of the same benefits for cricketers and other athletes.

Cricket matches take place over extended periods and can last for 3-5 days in some cases. Using performance sleeves for cricket matches that can last that long will bring undeniable benefits in performance and reduced risk of injury.

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