Using Shoulder Supports For Cricket Injuries

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This photo shows a bowler in his delivery action and the stress that it places on the shoulder joint. It illustrates why bowlers may need to use a shoulder support for cricket related injuries.In cricket, players perform the action of bowling or throwing the ball throughout the game on virtually a ball by ball basis. So rotator cuff injuries are common, particularly among bowlers or fieldsmen. The specific injury that results is usually rotator cuff tendonitis, in which the tendons surrounding the rotator cuff become swollen due to overuse. As a result, arm and shoulder supports for cricket injuries are frequently in demand. They will give the torn or damaged rotator cuff tissues a chance to heal properly.

Shoulder supports for cricket injuries are similar to those that baseball players use for their shoulder injuries, as the throwing actions in the two sports are very similar. For cricketers with rotator cuff injuries, resting the injured shoulder to give it a chance to heal will be essential. Without a proper shoulder support, the weight of the arm as well as the performance of everyday duties can cause further injury to the damaged shoulder. It may also be necessary to use an analgesic (either topical or ingested) to ease the pain.

Once the shoulder has healed sufficiently with the help of one of the shoulder supports for cricket, the athlete should begin a series of gentle exercises and stretches to strengthen the joint and return it to regular function. Help from a physiotherapist will be important at this point, as he/she will be able to identify the exercises that will most efficiently return the shoulder to normal function.

Additional Injury Management Techniques

In many cases, the underlying reason for the shoulder injuries may be incorrect throwing technique. So, in addition to wearing a shoulder support for cricket related shoulder injuries, the cricketer should always check to see if a coach can modify his/her throwing or bowling action to eliminate the possibility of injury recurrence. For additional tips on avoiding injuries, please read this post. You can also find additional information on wearing a shoulder brace here.

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