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  • McDavid Active Comfort Compression Elbow Sleeve

    Active Comfort Compression Elbow Sleeve


    The McDavid Active Comfort Compression Elbow Sleeve uses tech print technology to offer extra compression, stability and support.

  • BandIt Elbow Brace
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    Band It Elbow Brace For Tennis Elbow Pain


    The Band It Elbow Brace is medically designed to aid in the relief and prevention of pain from Tendinitis, Tennis Elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Repetitive Stress Injuries and Cumulative Trauma Disorders. The BandIt Strap is designed to help you enjoy your favourite activities with less pain.

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  • BandIT XM Coudière

    BandIT XM


    The BandIT XM Elbow Brace builds on the BandIT support  to be Your Ultimate Elbow Support for Unmatched Performance. This elbow support utilizes MagnaTherapy to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes via blood flow stimulation. Magna- Therapy is based on the  use of magnets near the injured tissues to stimulate blood flow, thus helping to accelerate the regeneration of healthy tissue.

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  • Dynamic Tape

    Dynamic Tape

    $29.88 - $44.75

    Dynamic Tape simulates the action of a spring and improves the kinetic chain by strongly retarding  or assisting muscle motion in order to optimize movement patterns. Once healing is complete, Dynamic Tape helps to reduce pain and control the risk of re-injury.

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    Bande kinésiologique EASYFIT

    $16.89 - $25.68

    The Mueller Sports Medicine EASYfit® Kinesiology Tape applications are designed to be simple to use and can help relieve certain overuse injuries. Three (3) applications in each package for the knee, shoulder, foot/arch, calf/ankle/neck and waist/back applications. Six (6) applications in each package for the X & Y pattern applications.

  • Mueller Sports Medicine Elastic Elbow Support
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    Coudière élastique


    With the Mueller Elastic Elbow Support, you will benefit from firm and reliable support from a lightweight and user friendly elbow sleeve.

  • Mueller Sports Medicine Elbow Sleeve (manchon de coude)
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    Manchette de coude

    $20.59 - $21.99

    Le manchon de coude Mueller Sports Medicine offre une compression et une chaleur apaisante pour favoriser la guérison des blessures générales au coude. S'adapte aux deux coudes.

  • Elbow Sleeve - 4 Way Elastic with Gel Buttresses

    Elbow Sleeve / 4-Way Elastic w/Gel Buttresses

    $11.11 - $25.92

    The McDavid Elbow Sleeve / 4-Way Elastic w/Gel Buttresses offers both targeted and general compression to treat localized conditions like tennis or golfers’ elbow , or even more general conditions like  olecranon bursitis or arthritis.

  • Elbow Sleeve / Elastic
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    Elbow Sleeve / Elastic


    The McDavid Elbow Sleeve / Elastic provides mild generalized compression for rehabilitation of soft tissue injuries without heat retention.


  • Elbow Strap with pads

    Elbow Strap With Pads


    The McDavid Elbow Strap With Pads has dual Sorbothane® pads that provide targeted, pain-relieving pressure.

    Level 2: Advanced Protection – Helping to relieve painful tennis or golf elbow symptoms using targeted pressure

  • LP Elbow Support
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    Elbow Support


    The LP Elbow Support brace helps to ease elbow swelling and relieves the pain of elbow bursitis. It also provides support and compression to weak, strained or injured elbow muscles. It utlizes LP’s popular 4-way stretch technology to provide uniform compression. You can use the sleeve with an extra strap if you need additional support…

  • Elbow Support with Strap

    Elbow Support With Strap


    The McDavid Elbow Support With Strap has an adjustable hook and loop cinch strap to apply precisely targeted tendon pressure and support. It also boasts McDavid’s exclusive 5-needle stitch for a flatter, cleaner and stronger seam for increased wearing comfort. This support is a great choice for relieving the symptoms of tennis or golfers’ elbow.

  • Coudière Mueller Sports Medicine, noire, OSFM
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    Coudière, noire, OSFM


    The Mueller Sports Medicine  Elbow Support, Black, OSFM,  features controllable compression applied using adjustable straps that allow you to combine pain relieving compression with a comfortable fit and soothing warmth.


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  • Extreme Elbow Support

    Extreme Elbow Support


    The LP Extreme Elbow Support will relieve the pain of elbow injuries such as tennis and golf elbow. You can use this support whether your elbow problems  are due to casual or intense sporting activity or to your occupational duties. It features a silicone pad that applies pressure on your forearm muscles and reduce vibrations traveling up the…

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  • Hg80 Premium Tennis Elbow Support
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    Hg80 Premium Tennis Elbow Support


    The Mueller Sports Medicine Hg80 Premium Tennis Elbow Support features AEGIS Anti-Microbial treatment, a latex and neoprene free durable outer layer, breathable materials, moisture management fabric and a thin design.

  • McDavid Hyperblend Elbow Sleeve w/Strap

    Hyperblend Elbow Sleeve w/Strap

    $29.63 - $205.99

    The McDavid Hyperblend Elbow Sleeve w/Strap combines  neoprene and knit material to produce an elbow sleeve 30% lighter than elbow sleeves that are entirely based on neoprene.

  • Rétablissement de la kinésiologie - Rouge - Rouleaux et boîte intérieure
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    Kinésiologie RestoreTape

    $10.80 - $58.08

    Use DynaPro Kinesiology RestoreTape for possible relief from pain and faster recovery from aching and sore muscles, damaged ligaments, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, strained muscles /tendons and many other overuse injuries. Available in colours black, blue, beige and red and in lengths of either 5M or 31.5M. Hypoallergenic, latex free and waterproof. May be effective even for periods as long as 4-5 days.

  • mueller kinesiology tape - 30m Continuous Roll

    Ruban kinésiologique - Rouleau continu de 30 m


    The Mueller Sports Medicine Kinesiology Tape – 30m Continuous Roll features Mueller’s revolutionary wave adhesive pattern for effective rehabilitation of sore, weak or damaged muscles or joints.

  • Mueller Sports Medicine Kinesiology Tape - Rouleau continu de 5m
    En stock

    Ruban de kinésiologie - Rouleau continu de 5m


    Mueller Sports Medicine Kinesiology Tape – 5m Continuous Roll is a great choice for rapid rehabilitation for your sore, weak or injured muscles and joints. With its revolutionary wave pattern adhesive, it will lift your skin as you move to optimize your circulation and promote early recovery to full health. You cn wear it for up to 5 days at a time. Made from pure high grade cotton. Latex free, highly elastic and breathable in order to perform its “lifting” function more effectively.

  • kinesiology tape - i strip roll
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    Ruban kinésiologique - Rouleau I-Strip


    The Mueller Sports Medicine Kinesiology Tape – I-Strip Roll will help you to treat ligament and other soft tissue injuries as well as repetitive stress injuries  such as carpal tunnel.

  • Kinesio Pre Cut Starter Set

    Pre Cut Starter Set For Pain Relief


    The Kinesio Pre Cut Starter Set includes one each of the Kinesio Pre Cuts for the wrist, knee, back, foot, neck & shoulder.

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  • Kinesio Pre-Cut Application
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    Application pré-découpée


    Use Kinesio Pre-Cut Application tapes for treatment of various repetitive stress injuries. As the pieces are pre-cut, you do not need to cut them before putting them on, which simplifies application.


  • Tennis and Golf Elbow Wrap

    Tennis And Golf Elbow Wrap


    The LP Tennis And Golf Elbow Wrap will help to ease discomfort and pain that you experience as a result of golfers’ or tennis elbow. It possesses a triangle shaped pressure point that applies additional compression for further pain reduction. You can use this triangular point to apply compression to different forearm muscle injuries such…

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  • Tennis Elbow Band
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    Tennis Elbow Band


    Lateral and medial epicondylitis treatment

    The Bio Skin Tennis Elbow Band sits comfortably below your elbow crease and comes with a silicone pad and an elastic strap that you can position for extra compression and pain relief.