Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

On this page, we have listed some of the frequently asked questions by current or potential customers as well as the answers to these questions. We have included general customer service questions as well as questions on Bio Skin, McDavid, Mueller Sports Medicine, LP Support, Kinesio and other products.

We hope you will find this information useful.

General Customer Service- Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to process and ship my order?

We carry inventory on most of the items advertised on the site. Provided your product is in stock, we can process and ship it on the day it is received, provided this is before 4PM that day. Otherwise, it will be processed and shipped on the following day. Once shipped, it will take 1-5 business days to arrive (ground shipping).

What is your return policy?

Our return policy is as follows:

  1. Merchandise may not be returned without first obtaining a Return Authorization (RA) number from us. This may be requested online here. Each return requires a separate RA number.
  2. All returns are subject to inspection.
  3. The customer will be required to pay for shipping for all authorized returns.
  4. Include a note explaining the reason for return, purchase date and invoice number.
  5. Except for initial orders, as stated above, products must be returned within 30 days of receipt.

Please ship all returns to:

1118210 Ontario Inc.
5285 Tomken Road, Unit 1
Mississauga ON L4W 3N8

General Product Questions

What are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing a brace made from neoprene?

Neoprene is a type of synthetic rubber with excellent chemical stability. It is known for maintaining its flexibility over a wide temperature range. These properties, together with its qualities as a good insulating material, make it a popular choice for orthopedic braces and sleeves.

The main advantage of using neoprene in orthopedic braces lies in its ability to retain temperature. As a result, a brace made from neoprene will retain body heat and keep the injured area warm. This application of therapeutic heat is very important for proper healing in some situations. The material also exhibits a controlled stretch, which makes it a suitable candidate for applying therapeutic compression to heal a soft tissue injury. In addition, its soft texture makes it a good contact for direct contact with the skin over prolonged periods except for the situations outlined in the following paragraph.

The main disadvantage of using neoprene lies in the fact that some individuals are allergic to it while others can develop dermatitis from prolonged exposure to it. This has led to a significant body of research into materials technology with the objective of developing materials that have the same insulatory and compressive properties as neoprene but without the health issues.

What does it mean to say that a product is hypoallergenic?

When a manufacturer says that its product is hypoallergenic, it is simply making a claim that the product is less likely to produce an allergic reaction than other similar products. It’s important to note that the manufacturer does not have to meet a specific government defined standard to make this claim. Nor does it have to perform any tests agreed under industry standards. So, making this claim does not mean that the product is allergy proof, nor does it represent a warranty that the product will not cause a reaction in you (the purchaser).

For any product that you will wear next to your skin, even those that carry the “hypoallergenic” claim, it is always advisable to test the product on a small part of your body before committing to use it in the intended way. If you notice any unusual reaction on your skin, you should discontinue use and seek medical advice.

Product-Specific Frequently Asked Questions

Bio Skin

I am interested in buying a Bio Skin orthopedic support but I’m uncertain about the size I need. How can I find this information?

You can call us at 1-844-538-6227 and we will be happy to provide you with guidance. Alternatively, you can consult the page for the specific product on this website and look under the “Sizing” tab at the bottom of the page. You will find detailed sizing instructions there.

I need some guidance on how to put on the Bio Skin product I have purchased. Where can I find this information?

You will find this information in the form of a short video under the “Instructions” tab at the bottom of each Bio Skin product page. If this does not provide the specific information you need, or if you would just prefer to contact us directly, please call us at 1-844-538-6227.

Can I develop an allergic reaction from wearing my Bio Skin brace?

All Bio Skin orthopedic supports are hypoallergenic, latex free and neoprene free. There is no risk of an allergic reaction from wearing your Bio Skin orthopedic brace.

Will my Bio Skin orthopedic brace slip or migrate from its proper position while I am wearing it?

Bio Skin braces have a patented SkinLok™ feature that increases friction against the skin in the presence of moisture (from perspiration, water or lotion) thus holding the brace more firmly in place and increasing its effectiveness.

How do I wash my Bio Skin® product?

The best way to wash your Bio Skin® products is to wash them by hand in the sink or the shower with mild detergent and then hang them to dry. Do not put Bio Skin® products in the dryer. The high heat may cause the material to delaminate.

How does your Bio Skin sizing run?

Our products are designed to provide high-level compression which means that some people may feel that a product might be too small the first time they wear it. If you are between sizes you should probably buy the larger size unless you are looking for high compression.

My Bio Skin orthopedic brace feels tight. Is it too small?

Any moisture on your skin will make it harder to pull the product on. If your product feels too tight make sure your skin is clean and dry (no lotion) before putting it on.You may also try stretching it with your hands before applying it. The material will relax slightly after use.

If the product still feels too small you may exchange it for a larger size by following our return policy.

How do I keep my Bio Skin® product from slipping?

If you’re having trouble with your product slipping down try activating the SkinLok feature by getting your skin slightly damp before applying the product. Moisture (including sweat) will effectively lock the Bio Skin® material to your skin and prevent it from sliding down.

How long can I wear my Bio Skin brace? Is it okay to sleep in it?

If you have circulation problems, including diabetes, please consult your doctor about how much compression is appropriate for you. Generally, people in good health should not have a problem wearing Bio Skin® products for as long as they are comfortable. We generally don’t recommend wearing the products overnight.

Mueller Sports Medicine

What are the Mueller Hg80™ braces?

Mueller’s Hg80 braces are a mercury based (Mueller Mercury™) line of light and comfortable braces that are designed to be simultaneously breathable, moisture wicking and anti-microbial.

What is the HydraCinn™ material that is mentioned with some of the Mueller Sports Medicine products?

HydraCinn fabric is a non neoprene material developed by Mueller Sports Medicine to be soft, comfortable, durable and breathable for long term use. It is featured in some of the Hg80 products mentioned above.

What are the “Mueller Green” products?

“Mueller Green” products are an ecologically friendly line of braces and supports made with non petroleum based materials and linings constructed from 67% recycled PET bottles.

How does Mueller kinesiology tape differ from that made by other companies?

Mueller kinesiology tape features a revolutionary wave pattern adhesive that moves with the skin and muscles. This adhesive is waterproof and durable and can remain applied for up to 7 days at a time.

LP Support

What are the LP MaxWrap® products?

LP MaxWrap is a premium wrap that is designed to aid prevention, treatment and rehabilitation after injury. It has a unique silicone backing design providing localized compression and non-slip support to maintain stability.

MaxWrap can be applied so that the support/compression can be specifically selected and additionally isolated to the injured part of the limb, whilst leaving the rest of the limb free of constriction.

This concept, as well as the construction of the fabric, is unique and so fundamentally different from any of its competitors that it is patented internationally.

Are there any other advantages of LP MaxWrap?

Additional advantages of MaxWrap are:

  • Its tension is fully adjustable to provide from light support to total compression.
  • It consists of strong, non-tear fabric.
  • It is easy to use and re-apply.
  • It is made from a cohesive fabric that causes no pain or irritation to the skin whilst in use. In addition to being comfortable to wear, it is painless to remove.
  • MaxWrap is washable with no loss of performance.

What are the special features of the LP Extreme™ products?

The LP Extreme range features a layer of LP’s innovative Coolprene® material which is designed to dissipate heat during use. Coolprene has specially designed grooves and venting holes that work in a pumping motion when the joint moves in order to facilitate heat release.

Coolprene Material Used In LP Extreme Product Range

In addition to the pumping action described above, Coolprene stretches and rebounds during exercise and muscle contraction. The diamond-shaped grids (shown above) generate a compression force and a superficial massaging effect on the muscle to release pain and tightness. This also increases circulation, decreases fatigue and enhances muscle and joint flexibility.

The diamond shaped grids also provide an anti slip feature, allowing Coolprene supports to remain firmly in place during physical activity, thus increasing their effectiveness.

What is the LP EmbioZ range?

LP EmbioZ is a range of high performance compression wear from LP Support. It includes Power and Comfort systems to simultaneously optimize performance and wearing comfort.

The Power System series stabilizes and supports specific joints and muscles and adjusts movement patterns to improve coordination and increase muscle force and endurance.

The Comfort System wicks away sweat and ventilates quickly to keep the body dry and help maintain appropriate temperature during training.


What does Kinesio tape do when combined with the Kinesio Taping method?

The Kinesio® Taping Method is applied over muscles to reduce pain and inflammation, relax overused or tired muscles, and support muscles in movement on a 24-hour-a-day basis. It is not a restrictive type of taping and allows for full range of motion. In contrast, traditional sports taping is wrapped around a joint strictly for stabilization and support during an athletic event. Kinesio® Tex Tape is used to treat anything from headaches to foot problems and everything in-between. Examples include rehabilitation from sports injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back strain/pain (subluxation, herniated disc), knee and shoulder conditions, and many more.

Is Kinesio tape useful outside of a medical setting or when used by athletes?

Although originally developed in a medical setting, Kinesio tape has for many years assisted individuals of all ages to find comfort in their daily activities.

In the workplace, it can help the office worker dealing with neck and lower back stress caused by long hours at a computer terminal; the mechanic or warehouse worker with strained knees and shoulders from reaching and crouching; and the headaches or foot pain caused by so many different professions.

And of course, it can also be a great source of pain relief and healing from injuries incurred play: from walking, running or bicycling to reach a destination, to casual athletics to the serious weekend warrior.

Do I need to have expertise in Kinesio taping to use your products?

Not at all – our pre cut applications are designed for use on specific areas of the body and come with clear application instructions.

What is the relative importance of the tape vs. technique in obtaining the best results?

The technique is the most important aspect in achieving the greatest therapeutic results. But the full benefits of the Kinesio® Taping Method were not possible until Kinesio® Tex Tape was developed. The Kinesio® Taping Method requires a tape that is patient and skin-friendly, possesses optimum elastic qualities, is the same thickness as the skin, and is durable enough to stay on for multiple days, even through sweating and showers.

Is there any difference between the various colors of Kinesio tape?

There is no physical or chemical difference between the colors. They were developed to be compatible with color therapy. The beige was created for minimal visibility and the black was created after many requests. Color choice is a matter of individual preference. The colors can provide field advertising at athletic events, a conversational opener, and instant product recognition.

Do you have any suggestions for optimal taping results?

For optimal results, we recommend:

  • Skin should be free of oil, sweat, or lotion prior to application.
  • After application, rub down tape to activate heat-sensitive glue.
  • Avoid extreme stretching of the tape during application to avoid skin irritation.
  • Apply approximately 1 hour prior to activity or shower to allow glue to adhere properly. Skin irritation is extremely rare, but care should be taken with hypersensitive skin patients.

Can you give a brief summary of how the tape is applied?

Without getting too technical, the tape is applied over the affected area with the muscle in a stretched position. Then the tape is applied from one end of the muscle to the other with very little to no stretch on the tape itself. The tape is applied from the ORIGIN to INSERTION of the muscle for SUPPORT and from INSERTION to ORIGIN for REHABILITATION.

Which of your Kinesio tapes is water resistant?

All our Kinesio tapes are water resistant. For the best results, we recommend that the tape is applied before activity and that the skin is clean, dry and free of any lotions or oils. We also recommend that you rub the tape after it is applied to the skin to activate the adhesive as well as to help it adhere.

Do any of the Kinesio tapes contain latex?

All Kinesio tapes are latex free.

Are Kinesio products intended only for human use?

Not at all – we can also offer Kinesio taping products designed for horses. Please contact us for more information on these products.


What is McDavid’s 5 needle stitch technique?

This is a stitching technique designed by McDavid to produce a stronger, wider, flatter and more durable seam closure on their neoprene based products. In addition to providing a cleaner design and finish to their products, it provides increased wearing comfort and therefore greater patient compliance. This in turn results in a better overall treatment outcome.

What are McDavid’s Freelastics materials?

This refers to the construction of McDavid’s elastic (non neoprene) materials. McDavid Freelastics are created with a unique 400-needle machine that provides a tubular knitting technique. The use of tubular knitting produces superior elastic supports with no seams, which enhances wearing comfort with no loss of compressive properties. High compression properties are knitted into the yarn and nasty, problematic seams are knitted out.

What is McDavid’s hDc Technology?

McDavid’s hDc technology uses the moisture produced by the athlete’s perspiration to control body temperature. hDc disperses the moisture from perspiration over a wider surface area. As the moisture evaporates, it cools the surface it is covering. As a result, hDc causes the cooling effect of evaporation to be felt over a broader skin area. This keeps the athlete cool and comfortable even as he or she works harder.

What is McDavid’s 9mm Hex Technology?

McDavid 9mm Hex technology bonds patented, closed-cell foam padding to a moisture-wicking fabric. The result is apparel with outstanding breathability and excellent protection from injuries resulting from contact and collision. As implied by its name, HEX knit compression padding uses hexagonal foam patterns. HEX padding is designed to allow athletes to perform with increased protection, agility and comfort. It is designed to ensure that apparel using this technology will contour closely to your skin. There will be no bunching of material and consequent discomfort and restriction of movement.

As a result of the reduction of injury risk in contact sports, as well as improved comfort, Hex technology helps to improve your confidence and allows you to focus on keeping your performance at the highest level.