Gardening Knee Injuries

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Gardener stooping to work. Extended periods in these positions may give rise to injuries that may require treatment by wearing knee braces for gardening.Gardeners frequently have to spend extended periods in kneeling, stooped or otherwise uncomfortable positions in order to do their work.  For example, kneeling for extended periods places significant pressure on the prepatellar bursa (sacs of fluid) situated in front of the knee cap. The friction and pressure of  kneeling causes these sacs to become inflamed and swollen. This condition is commonly known as patellar bursitis. The pain and discomfort of the condition requires rest. Wearing knee sleeve braces for gardening can help to support your knee and give the inflamed and injured structures a chance to rest and recover.

If you are a frequent gardener, you may find it useful to also wear a knee sleeve brace for gardening as well as for your other daily activities. Continual use of knee sleeves will provide your knee with more rest and therefore greater pain relief. If you decide to get knee sleeves for gardening, you should therefore try to choose a pair that is as light and low profile as possible. You will find this type of knee brace easier to wear on a continual basis and it will fit more easily under your clothing.

Best Knee Braces For Gardening

Some knee sleeve braces are made of materials that are hypoallergenic and also neoprene and latex free. If you need to wear your gardening knee sleeves continually, a pair made from these materials will provide greater long term wearing comfort. This is especially the case if you have suffered from latex or similar allergies in the past. A breathable knee support like the McDavid Knee Sleeve is a good choice.

Other Treatments Besides Knee Braces For Gardening

In addition to using a knee sleeve for gardening to treat your patellar bursitis, you can also consider:
  • Using an ice pack such as the Dunbar Medical Single Use Instant Cold Ice Pack after each stint of gardening;
  • Warming up before and cooling down after each stint of gardening;
  • Maintaining a healthy body weight to reduce pressure on the knees while kneeling;
  • Using knee pads to reduce pressure on your kneecaps while kneeling.

These measures in conjunction with the use of a knee brace for gardening will help you control your knee pain and keep you in your favorite hobby for years to come.


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