Shoulder Injuries From Gardening

Last updated on Jun 28, 2021 @ 1:03 am     
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Gardener reaching overhead to trim a tree. Prolonged periods doing this type of task can lead to injuries treatable by wearing a shoulder support for gardening.From time to time, gardeners may need to perform tasks that require reaching overhead. Trimming trees or tall hedges are examples of these tasks. Unfortunately, these activities can sometimes result in shoulder injuries, and specifically in shoulder impingements. This is another of the overuse or repetitive stress injuries that can result from gardening activity. And, as with most overuse injuries, the primary remedy is rest for the injured tissues and allowing them a chance to recover. Wearing a shoulder support for gardening related injuries is the natural route to take in this situation.

Neglecting a mild case of shoulder impingement can lead to more serious problems including rotator cuff tears or shoulder bursitis. Consequently, using a gardening shoulder support as soon as you feel a problem coming on can pay disproportionate benefits.

Besides the traditional shoulder support, the most beneficial support for your gardening related shoulder injury will likely be an arm sling. It will relieve the shoulder of the weight of the arm and provide an opportunity for the shoulder to recover. As you would expect, the benefits of this support increase with the amount of time you can spend wearing it. Hence, for best results, try to choose a gardening shoulder support that provides the best fit possible. These supports will be the easiest to wear for prolonged periods without discomfort. The LP Arm Sling is sized for different body types and may be the solution you are looking for.

Other Remedies

In addition to using a shoulder support for gardening injuries, you should pay attention to warming up properly before embarking on gardening tasks. You should also take care to follow a proper cool down routine once you are finished. Following these tips together with using a gardening shoulder support to heal an existing injury  should bring you back to full health and help to keep you there.

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