Wrist/Thumb Braces For Gardening

Last updated on Mar 9, 2021 @ 4:01 am     
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Gardener gripping shears to prune a tree. Tasks like this can cause wrist or thumb injuries that can result in the need to wear a wrsit or thumb brace for gardening.Gardeners frequently have to perform tasks that involve gripping or pulling, sometimes for an extended period.  For example, they may need to grip and pull small weeds out of the ground. Alternatively, they may need to grip a pair of shears to prune a tree, dead head flowers or trim a hedge. These gripping actions can give rise to a number of overuse conditions, including de Quervains and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. As with most overuse injuries, the key to recovery lies in allowing the injured structures to rest. A wrist or thumb brace for gardening will help you do this by taking pressure off your injured tendons and ligaments. 

Wrist or thumb braces for gardening can continue to do their jobs even while you are gardening. By doing so, they will reduce the pain you  may be experiencing while gardening and help you enjoy this pastime for longer before you have to stop. Wearing your brace even while you are not gardening will also help to promote healing. This is because the more time you spend wearing it, the greater the rest periods your wrist or thumb will have and the faster they will recover.

Choosing a Brace

  • In choosing your brace, make sure that you select the correct size. Most braces (of all sorts) come with a size chart and directions for measuring your wrist circumference and using the results to determine the correct size;
  • If you are “in between” sizes, consider choosing the larger size. This will result in a more comfortable brace without losing too much of the support you would have from choosing the smaller size;
  • Consider choosing a wrist brace made of breathable material. These will allow your wrist or hand to remain dry and comfortable while wearing the brace.
  • A wrist or thumb brace for gardening made of hypoallergenic and/or latex and neoprene free materials eliminates the risk of medical allergies. This improves long term wearing comfort. The BioSkin DP2 wrist brace is a good example of such a brace.

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