Ankle Braces For Hockey

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Hockey Players contesting the puck with their skates touching. This type of action can cause ankle injures that are treatable by wearing an ankle brace for hockey.Ankle braces for hockey will help to protect against the type of ankle sprains players commonly experience. Typically, when a hockey player experiences an ankle sprain, these tend to be sprains of the Anteroinferior Tibiofibular Ligament (AITFL). This ligament is situated higher up on the foot than the ligaments that are typically involved in an ankle sprain. As a result, those in the sport typically refer to hockey ankle sprains as “high ankle sprains“.

In hockey, high ankle sprains typically occur when the player’s skate gets stuck. in the ice. Alternatively, the player may get the skate stuck against the boards at the boundary of the rink. When this happens  and the player’s foot continues twisting outwards, the ligament is subject to high forces that may cause it to tear. In serious cases, this can actually result in a fracture of the lower leg.

Once the player  experiences this type of injury, he or she will need to rest the ligament to give it a chance to heal. The use of ankle braces for hockey sprains will stabilize the ligament and promote healing. It is also advisable to wear an ankle brace after your return to action and while playing hockey games or practising. Doing so will support your ankle and help to prevent recurrence of the injury. It will also increase confidence and help you to compete with more confidence in the health of your ankle.

An ankle brace for hockey will need to fit inside your footwear. To do so, it will need to be a low profile  design such as the McDavid Stealth Cleat Ankle Brace. A breathable brace that can also provide compression for improved blood flow is preferable.

Other Remedies

To help reduce the risks of this injury in the first place, try to follow an appropriately designed hockey off season training program. The better your physical condition, the less injury prone you will be.

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