Treating & Preventing Hockey Related Hip & Groin Injuries

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Hockey Goalkeeper gesturing in front of his goal. Due to the fast pace of the sport, groin injuries are a factor and may lead to the need to use a groin support for hockey injuries.Groin injuries in hockey can involve any one of six muscles of the adductor muscle group. Furthermore, if not treated properly, these injuries can become chronic and threaten a player’s career. They comprise between 10% and 11% of all injuries in hockey. The importance of allowing these injuries to heal properly means that the use of properly designed hip & groin supports for hockey injuries is essential. These supports will stabilize and support the adductor and adjacent muscles and ligaments. They will therefore have an opportunity to recover properly, making it less likely that the injury will become chronic.

Probably the most popular option for use as a groin support for hockey is a pair of compression shorts. They are tight fitting and sufficiently low profile to easily fit under a hockey player’s uniform. As a result, a hockey player can wear them during games or practice to proactively protect against the risk of groin injury. For best results, use breathable shorts such as the Bio Skin Compression Shorts. They will wick perspiration away from your body and allow you to stay cool and comfortable throughout the game.

Another option for use as a groin support for hockey related injuries in a groin wrap. You can use this for injuries like quadricep or hamstring strains. However, it may not be ideal for use during athletic activity such as playing hockey. It will however, give you the option to adjust tightness depending on the degree of support you need in particular situations. 

As with all sports and other activities, the preferred option is to follow an off season training program for hockey players. If properly designed, and in conjunction with the use of a groin support for hockey injuries, such a training program will reduce the risk of injury recurrence. 

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