Kinesiology Tape For Hockey

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Two hockey players contesting the puck. The fast moving nature of hockey causes overuse injuries that are treatable using kinesiology tape for hockey injuries.Hockey players  can experience several types of injuries that can be either acute or overuse injuries. The overuse injuries include knee ligament injuries, high ankle sprains and groin strains. Players can manage these overuse injuries by wearing kinesiology tape. Kinesiology tape, when applied properly, will interact with the natural muscle movements to lift the skin over damaged tissues and allow fresh blood and oxygen into the site of the injury. This will help to reduce pain, promote healing and reduce muscle fatigue. Using kinesiology tape for hockey injuries will allow players to continue competing and training while the tape uses the natural movements of the joints and muscles to promote healing.

For maximum benefit, when wearing kinesiology tape for hockey injuries, please remember the following points:

  • Ensure the area to which you intend to apply the tape is clean and dry;
  • Remove all oils, lotions and creams from the area of skin to which you will apply the tape.
  • Shave the area before application to remove all body hair;
  • Apply the tape about an hour before your game or practice starts. This will give the adhesive a chance to take effect.

Unlike traditional adhesive tape, kinesiology tape does not rely on restricting the movements of your ankle, groin or knee. Instead it relies on the natural movements of the body parts to do its work. As a result, the benefits of wearing this tape actually increase the more time you spend wearing it. Players can wear kinesiology tape for hockey injuries for days at a time, even through showers and games. The tape works continuously the the entire time, which makes for even greater effectiveness. For best results, you should wear kinesiology tape during your hockey games or practice, allowing it to work “in real time”.

For more information on how wearing kinesiology tape for hockey overuse injuries can help you, read this post. To get additional guidance on managing and treating back and shoulder injuries in hockey, read this post.

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