Lacrosse Injuries

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A Lacrosse player. The fast moving nature of the sport makes lacrosse injuries a constant factor in the sport.Lacrosse is among the fastest growing high school sports  in North America. However, lacrosse injuries are a constant factor in the sport, and some of these can be quite serious. The injuries most frequently associated with the sport include:

  • Contusions to the Head & Face, due to a blow from a lacrosse ball or from the equipment of another player;
  • Concussion, which is probably the most serious of the injuries a lacrosse player can experience. This too can be the result of a blow from the ball or another player’s equipment or from a fixture in the arena;
  • Ankle and Knee sprains, particularly involving the Anterior and Medial Cruciate Ligaments;
  • Shin splints, due to the extensive running required of lacrosse players;
  • Wrist fractures;
  • Hip flexor strain;
  • Low back pain.

Preventing Lacrosse Injuries

As with most sports or recreational activities, the risk of incurring many lacrosse injuries can be reduced through proper training, preparation and technique. Off season conditioning and pre-season drills are important components of an injury prevention program and should not be neglected.

Players should also be careful to wear the appropriate protective equipment, including helmets, arm and rib pads, athletic supporters with protective cups, throat and chest protectors and mouthguards.

If a player experiences a lacrosse related injury, however, he or she can wear a variety of orthopedic braces to assist recovery. Additionally, players requiring additional support during competition or training for weak or previously injured joints will benefit from the application of a rigid adhesive tape to the area requiring protection. Finally, kinesiology tape can be a valuable aid to promote recovery from sore muscles and repetitive stress injuries in general.

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