Using Adhesive Tape For Lacrosse Injuries

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Lacrosse Player sprinting. The rigorous nature of lacrosse can result in problems that are manageable using adhesive tape for lacrosse related injuries.Adhesive tape for lacrosse injuries can be a way to provide stability and support to weak, unstable or previously injured knees or ankles. Although orthopedic braces can also achieve this, you can wear adhesive tape during training or practice without interfering with mobility or range of motion. Injuries such as sprained ankles or knees, or other soft tissue injuries (especially overuse injuries) are likely to be the most treatable using this approach. We would suggest that you treat acute injuries such as contusions using other approaches such as hot or cold compresses.

There are many types of adhesive tape suitable for lacrosse injuries in different circumstances. A light elastic tape like DynaPro StretchLight is useful for joints requiring only moderate support. It can also act as a supplementary support for joints that have already been taped with a zinc oxide adhesive tape like DynaPro Porous Zinc Oxide Tape or Renfrew Professional Trainers Tape. Finally, a heavy elastic tape such as Mueller Sports Medicine Stretch M tape can be used on joints requiring the most robust support.

For maximum mobility if you intend to wear the tape for matches or practice, a light elastic tape is the best choice for lacrosse activity. It will also conform best to highly contoured areas such as your knees or ankles.

If you plan to wear adhesive tape for lacrosse matches but also for your non lacrosse related activities, you should consider using a tape that is latex free and/or hypoallergenic. This type of tape will reduce the risk of medical reactions as a result of long term contact with your skin. The improved wearing comfort and freedom from worry will make it easier for you to continue wearing the tape for prolonged periods. This will in turn make for improved recovery prospects.

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