Wearing Athletic Supporters To Prevent Lacrosse Injuries

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A Lacrosse goalkeeper trying to block a shot. Goalkeepers and other lacrosse players are vulnerable to groin injuries. Athletic supporters for lacrosse goalkeepers are therefore an important injury prevention measure.Athletic supporters for lacrosse players are an invaluable accessory for protection from injuries to the pelvic area, especially when you use one with a protective cup. The cup can come with the supporter or the supporter can simply have a pouch for holding one. Lacrosse balls can travel at speeds of over 100 mph and the result of a blow to the pelvic area can be extremely painful and debilitating. In some cases, the consequences of the resulting testicular injuries can be long term or permanent. They can certainly remove you from the remainder of the game and even from future games also. To avoid this eventuality, it is advisable to invest in pelvic protection such as an athletic supporter for lacrosse games or practice. 

The athletic supporter you use for lacrosse games should have a pouch to accommodate the protective cup. It should also have 2 elastic bands that go around your legs. If you don’t like the feeling of wearing an athletic supporter to hold the cup, you can consider wearing a pair of compression shorts instead. 

Choosing A Protective Cup

To use the protective cup, you simply insert it into the athletic supporter worn for lacrosse. For maximum protection, it’s important to choose the correct cup size. If the cup is too small, it could leave part of your pelvic area exposed to a blow from the ball. On the other hand, it it’s too large, the cup will be uncomfortable and could restrict your movement during the game. You can usually determine the appropriate cup size from your waist size measurement. 4 typical cup size classifications are pee wee, youth, teen and adult. An adult with a small build can sometimes feel more comfortable with a teen cup than with the adult version. Wearing a properly sized cup inside your athletic supporter for lacrosse games or practice is an extremely worthwhile investment in terms of the pain and expense it can save you.

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