Using Back Braces To Treat Lacrosse Injuries

Last updated on Jun 28, 2021 @ 2:15 am     
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Two lacrosse players competing for the ball. A back brace can sometimes be required to treat lacrosse related low back pain.Back braces for lacrosse players will help to mitigate the lower back pain frequently experienced by athletes in the sport. In lacrosse, low back pain is usually a repetitive stress injury that results from prolonged running during a game and the rotation of the lumbar spine. It can also be the result of collisions between players. Choosing the correct back brace for low back pain is essential to achieving favorable results.

As with other types of brace, the greater the time that you spend wearing it, the better are your chances of a compete recovery. In particular, if you can find a back brace that you can wear while playing lacrosse, it will help to relieve pressure on your spine at a time when you need it most. So a low profile back brace that can easily fit under your lacrosse uniform is a good choice.

Another factor to consider in choosing a good back brace for playing lacrosse is breathability. A brace made of breathable material will wick perspiration and other moisture away from your body. You will feel cool, dry and comfortable underneath and be able to concentrate on your lacrosse game. 

Some back braces use technology that help them to adhere more tightly to your skin as a reaction to perspiration r other moisture. A back brace with this feature will stay in its intended position even while you are playing lacrosse and lunging, jumping and sprinting.  It will continue to target the injured area and you will have greater pain relief as a result.The Bio Skin Back Skin with its SkinLok technology is a good example of this type of brace.


In summary, if you can find a back brace for your lacrosse related low back pain that you can wear all day long, you are likely to experience the best results.

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