Using Shin Supports To Treat Lacrosse Related Injuries

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 A lacrosse player on the field. Lacrosse players sometimes need shin supports to help treat injuries like shin splints.Calf, Thigh & Shin supports for lacrosse players can serve many purposes. However,  shin supports will be especially useful in treating the pain and discomfort of shin splints. This condition results from the extensive running that lacrosse players have to do during a game. This running causes the tibialis posterior muscle to separate from the back of the shin bone. When this happens more rapidly than the body can repair itself, shin splints develop. This is a very painful condition in and of itself but if you ignore it, it can lead to even more serious injuries, such as a stress fracture or even possibly a complete fracture. 

When looking for shin supports to treat lacrosse related injuries, you should try to find one that provides compression at or near medical grade levels. The Bio Skin Shin Splints are especially good in this area and should be considered.  Compression will promote blood flow to the problem area. This fresh blood brings oxygen and other nutrients, both of which will improve the rate of progress towards complete recovery.

Another feature that contributes to making a good shin support for a lacrosse player is breathability. This ensures that your perspiration will not accumulate under the support and create discomfort. Instead, it will migrate through the support and evaporate on the outside, so you will remain dry and comfortable. You will find it easier to wear this type of shin support for longer periods, which will improve your progress towards recovery.

A good shin support will also be sufficiently low profile that you can wear it while playing lacrosse without it interfering with your mobility or other aspects of your play.


Compression, breathability and a low profile. If you can find a shin support for your lacrosse related shin injuries that meets these 3 criteria, you will be well on the way to complete recovery.  

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