Treating Hip & Groin Lacrosse Injuries

Last updated on Mar 9, 2021 @ 4:15 am     
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A lacrosse player catching a pass. The rapid pace and random nature of the game require lots of twists and turns of players and sometimes cause injuries treatable by the lacrosse player wearing hip or groin supports.Lacrosse is a fast moving sport that demands frequent changes of direction and speed from its players. These manoeuvres place great demands on the players’ hip and groin muscles. Injures like groin strains or hip flexor strains can happen and, when they do, the only way to recover from them is to allow the damaged structures to rest and heal. Hip & groin supports worn by lacrosse players will stabilize the muscles, tendons and ligaments in those areas and promote the healing process.

Hip flexor strains are particularly common in the sport of lacrosse.This is an overuse injury that can be the result of the extensive running and sometimes awkward pivoting that is integral to playing lacrosse. Groin strains are another category of injury that can result from the frequent running, stopping, twisting and turning that is such an integral part of the sport of lacrosse. There are other injuries in the same or adjacent areas that can affect lacrosse players, but hip flexor and groin strains are among the most common. Both these types of injuries can be treated by the injured lacrosse player wearing hip or groin supports that can take the pressure off the injured ligaments and muscles and allow them to rest.

The two primary categories of support available to lacrosse players to treat hip and groin injuries are compression shorts and groin wraps. Compression shorts are wearable during a lacrosse game and so are capable of providing support at the time when it is perhaps most needed. However, groin wraps are capable of providing more targeted compression to specific areas. Another reason to use compression shorts during lacrosse games lies in their ability to hold a protective cup that will also provide protection to the pelvic area and the male genitalia.

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