Treatment of Lacrosse Knee Injuries

Last updated on Mar 9, 2021 @ 4:17 am     
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Lacrosse players competing for the ball. Lacrosse places severe athletic demands on the body and can cause kneeinjuries that are treatable by wearing knee braces.Knee braces for lacrosse players will help to mitigate the symptoms of knee injuries such as medial collateral or anterior cruciate ligament tears or sprains. These injuries are common experiences in lacrosse due to the fast moving nature of the sport and the sharp changes in running speed and direction it demands of the players. The knee instability that can result from MCL or ACL tears can threaten a player’s career if he does not properly attend to them. A major component of the treatment strategy is rest for the damaged ligaments. Wearing a properly designed knee brace is a great way to reduce the pressure on these ligaments and allow them a chance to recover.

Choosing A Knee Support

For maximum effect, the knee brace chosen by a lacrosse player with ACL/MCL injuries should be wearable for as much of the day as possible. If the player can wear it during lacrosse games or practice, it will then be providing knee support when it is most needed. A knee brace wearable for lacrosse will need to be a low profile brace (light and thin) that will interfere as little as possible with the player’s movement and range of motion of the joint.

A breathable knee brace is also a good choice for a lacrosse player. The athletically rigorous nature of the sport means that he or she is likely to perspire heavily while playing. When this happens, the knee brace should ideally allow the perspiration to migrate away from the player’s skin and leave him or her cool and dry underneath. 

Another desirable feature of a knee support for a lacrosse player would be some sort of anti microbial or anti bacterial protection. This will allow the player to use the brace over a prolonged period without having to discard it due to unpleasant odors or unsightly stains.

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