Wrist Injuries In Lacrosse

Last updated on Mar 9, 2021 @ 4:18 am     
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A lacrosse player juggling the ball on his stick. For some hand and wrist injuries suffered while playing lacrosse, a wrist brace can play an important role in the healing process.Hand and wrist injuries have become a growing problem in the sport of lacrosse. The scenarios giving rise to these injuries include a blow from the stick of an opposing player. A second possible scenario involves an attempt to break a fall which leads to the wrist being bent back at an awkward angle. Yet another scenario involves a direct blow from the ball to the tip of the goalkeeper’s thumb. These incidents may cause acute injuries such as bone fractures  that are usually not treatable using a wrist brace. However, some of the resulting wrist problems may be purely soft tissue  injuries. Recovery from these injuries usually requires a rest period for the damaged soft tissues of the hand or wrist. In these cases, wearing a wrist brace may be a part of the treatment of a lacrosse player for injuries to the hand or wrist.

As we have noted above, lacrosse related wrist injuries can be very serious and can frequently involve bone fractures. Before taking any steps to self diagnose and treat a wrist injury using a wrist brace, you should seek urgent medical attention from a qualified medial professional. Follow the advice you receive from that professional. If there is no wrist fracture, or if you have a lacrosse related overuse wrist injury, you should consider using a wrist brace to promote recovery.

A lacrosse player may have experienced a wrist sprain or other injury in the past. This may be a result of an incident not involving lacrosse. If so,  he or she may be concerned with providing additional support to the wrist while playing lacrosse in order to prevent re-injury. This is another typical scenario in which a wrist brace may be of value to a lacrosse player.

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