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Back Braces

Back Braces & Supports can provide considerable benefits by relieving back pain (especially lower back pain), a condition suffered by large numbers of people. Back pain can also inhibit the performance of many functions that are widely taken for granted, such as gardening, sports or occupational activities. A back brace can assist by correcting posture and/or taking pressure off the spine when the patient is standing or sitting. It can also proactively prevent back injuries among those who routinely perform functions like lifting heavy loads.

Back braces & supports can be categorized based on their rigidity or pliability. In general, the more rigid the back brace, the more support it provides (and therefore the greater the pain relief). At the same time, a more flexible or pliable back brace may be a better choice for an individual with a minor back injury. It may also be more suited to someone looking to prevent injury while performing risky activities (such as lifting heavy weights).
Other Factors To Consider When Choosing A Back Brace
In choosing the right back brace for the patient, there are some other factors to take into account:

How bulky is the brace? Is it intended to be worn over or under clothing?
How breathable is the back brace? In general, the better back braces are made of breathable materials that preserve natural body temperature. This results in improved wearing comfort, especially over long periods.
If the patient will be wearing the back brace next to the skin, or during intense physical activity, he or she should understand how to clean and maintain it to preserve its effectiveness.

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