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Foot & Ankle Braces

Ankle injuries are among the most commonly experienced in sports, particularly in activities requiring sudden sharp changes in speed or direction. Ankle injuries typically result from forced lateral movement such as when landing from a jump or strafing. Athletes using properly designed ankle braces will benefit from less risk of ankle injuries and will also be able to maintain their regular activities while recovering from an ankle injury.

When choosing from the ankle braces below:

If you choose an ankle brace with a lace-up design, make sure that the laces are of the appropriate length so that you can tie them correctly;
Ensure that the ankle brace has the right size. To perform as intended, there should ne no gaps between your skin and your ankle support;
If you are wearing your ankle brace for treatment of rehabilitation of an injury, be sure to wear it during everyday activities, not just during physically intensive ones;
If your ankle brace is for preventative purposes, it is particularly important to wear it while playing sports that involve lateral movement.

Types of Ankle Braces
When choosing your brace, you can select from a wide range of designs such as advanced or basic ankle supports, wraparound braces or rigid ankle braces. Each has a particular purpose, as explained below:

Advanced supports are constructed from nylon-vinyl material and allow the patient to tighten them according to the comfort level required;
Wraparound ankle braces offer a higher level of support than basic ankle supports (described below) and offer customizable compression in addition to support;
Basic ankle supports are suitable for light activities such as jogging and walking, but will not offer the support required for more intensive activities;
Rigid ankle braces can be either stirrup or lace up designs. They are usually constructed with plastic panels to prevent ankle inversion or eversion. In addition, they may include a gel or air filled cushion for additional comfort.

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