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Knee Braces & Supports

We offer a wide range of high quality knee braces from prestigious brands such as Bio Skin, McDavid, Mueller Sports Medicine and LP Support. They can be used to relieve and heal a wide range of common causes of knee pain. Whether you are suffering from a case of patellar tendonitis, a torn meniscus or a maltracking patella, you will find a great choice for pain relief below.

However, knee braces are not all the same – they come in a vast number of styles, types and sizes. To make the best choice, there are a number of important questions to consider, which we outline below.
Knee Brace Questions
Key questions to ask when selecting a knee brace include:

What type of knee brace is best for the condition I want to treat? There are basically five types of knee brace  – hinged knee braces, knee stabilizers, knee supports, knee sleeves and knee straps. Hinged knee braces will offer the maximum support, followed by stabilizers, supports, sleeves and straps in that order.
What style of brace should I get? There are essentially two styles available – slip on and wraparound. The former is put on (as the name implies) by inserting your foot through the opening of the brace and pulling it up over your leg. This type of brace is normally sized since the fit must be precisely determined in order to get the best support. Wraparound knee braces, on the other hand, can be placed either in front of or behind the knee. You then adjust this brace using its Velcro straps.
Should my brace have an open or closed patella? A closed patella knee brace will give your knee cap the same support as provided to the rest of your knee. Open patella knee braces relieve the pressure on the knee cap and are generally more comfortable. They include knee braces with buttresses that provide maximum support for the patella to assist with patellar tracking problems.
What size of brace does the patient need? Knee brace sizes can be measured in various ways but the correct size is essential if they are to function as intended. One good rule of thumb if you find yourself between sizes is to use the larger size.

Please bear these questions in mind as you browse our selection of knee braces below.

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