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Neck Brace

A Neck Brace is used to immobilize your head and relieve neck pain while injured soft tissues in your neck are healing. Also known as neck supports, they are most frequently used to treat cases of whiplash sustained in car accidents. Most neck braces are also known as cervical collars.

In addition to relieving neck pain, your doctor may recommend the use of a neck brace after you have had spinal neck surgery. It will keep your neck bones properly aligned during the healing process.

Another reason you may be asked to wear a neck support is as a precaution while any spinal or neck injuries are assessed to determine their severity.

Patients with a pinched nerve sometimes ask whether a neck support can help to relieve this condition. The answer is a brace of the type known as a cervical collar can support your neck and limit further motion. This can help to relieve the pain caused by pinching of the nerve roots. Patients should be careful not to overuse these braces, however, as they can cause neck muscle wastage.

If you are selecting a neck brace, we suggest that you choose a size that fits snugly. You should not be able to move your head. In addition, you should not be able to slide your chin inside the collar or stick it out over it. In addition, if you wear a beard or have long hair, the hair should be outside the collar. You should also keep your skin dry and clean under the support. Avoid using powders and lotions.

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