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Wrist Braces & Supports

Wrist braces can be used to conservatively treat many injuries to which the joint is vulnerable. A well designed wrist brace will support the wrist in a less stressful position, giving you pain relief and allowing your injury to fully heal. Wrist splints can provide pain relief to individuals afflicted by carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis or tendonitis of the wrist or thumb.

Some of the other injuries that can be successfully treated using a wrist support include:

A fall or other direct trauma that causes ligament sprains or muscle/tendon strains, or even dislocation of the joint;
A repetitive stress injury, such as carpal tunnel syndrome that may result from factory or computer work over an extended period.
An old injury that has not been properly treated, or in some cases just age, can result in arthritis of the wrist.

Hand and wrist braces fall into the following categories:

Wrist stabilizers are generally more rigid hand braces and (as the name implies) are designed to stabilize the joint. They generally include features like metal springs, rigid stays or metal spoons to support the wrist and minimize disruption of the healing process.
Basic wrist supports are more flexible and permit a wider range of movement in order to allow the patient to continue with everyday activities.
Thumb spica braces are designed to stabilize the thumb and conservatively treat conditions like gamekeeper’s thumb, bursitis, De Quervains or thumb sprains and strains.
Some wrist braces fall into more than just one of the above categories – e.g. the Bio Skin Wrist/Thumb spica functions as both a wrist stabilizer and a thumb spica. This type of wrist brace can be applied to treat compound injuries affecting more than a single part of the hand.

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