Digital Thermometer

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As a household accessory for monitoring the health of family members, a digital thermometer offers significant advantages over mercury thermometers.

Just as mercury thermometers do, digital thermometers offer 3 ways to take someone’s temperature. You can do it by placing the thermometer under the tongue, under the armpit or in the rectum. The rectal method is the most accurate. The advantages of digital thermometers include:

  • Safety. Mercury thermometers contain mercury, which is a toxic substance. If they fall and break, the resulting spill can represent a serious threat to the health of children and pets;
  • Speed of measurement. Digital thermometers provide a temperature reading almost immediately. With mercury thermometers, on the other hand, you have to wait until the mercury warms up and rises to the level necessary to display the temperature;
  • A digital thermometer displays the temperature on an LCD screen on the body of the thermometer. This makes the temperature much easier to read than with a mercury thermometer and no specialized skill is required;
  • Mercury thermometers provide a less accurate reading as their technology is less advanced;
  • Mercury thermometers tend to be somewhat more expensive.

It is important to clean your digital thermometer thoroughly after each use. To clean the thermometer, wipe it down with rubbing alcohol or alternatively with a bleach wipe. Then allow it to dry. If the thermometer has small crevices, using a bleach wipe (or a cotton swab soaked in alcohol) is better.

With the advantages noted above, it is no surprise that digital thermometer sales in Canada have been on the rise in recent years.

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