Infrared Thermometer

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An infrared thermometer is the ideal accessory to have around the home in order to monitor the health of household members. You do not need any special training to take a temperature reading. Just point the thermometer and press the button. For even greater user friendliness, many of these thermometers also give a color coded temperature reading. This means that you can see from the color of the display whether the reading represents a clear, borderline or high risk of infection.

Infrared thermometers work by measuring the amount of infrared energy coming from the object the temperature of which you are measuring. This information, together with its emissivity, can then be used to calculate the temperature.

In addition to the ease of use of these thermometers, they are touchless. As a result, you do not need to sterilize the instrument before you take a reading for another household member. If you take the temperature reading via the forehead, you can just move on to take the next reading. Please note that if you take the reading via the eardrum, you should sanitize the thermometer before the next reading.

Another advantage of using an infrared thermometer is that you can take a forehead reading without getting too close to the person whose temperature you are taking. This obviously reduces your risk of infection.

With these advantages it is easy to see why sales of infrared thermometers have grown rapidly in Canada over the past 9 months as individuals try to find ways to control the spread of infection.

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