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  • Taylor Percussion Hammer
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    Taylor Percussion Hammer


    The Taylor Percussion Hammer can be used to perform reflex testing. It is equipped with a triangular rubber head and an 8″ long solid chrome steel handle that helps ensure a secure grip.  Doctors can use this type of reflex hammer for testing deep tendon reflexes. The results of this testing can help reveal possible…

  • Tuning Fork With Clamps
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    Tuning Fork With Clamps (128Hz)


    Tuning fork with clamps designed for medical use and made using a special aluminium alloy. It is particularly useful for healthcare professionals conducting hearing examinations (whether by bone and air conduction). It is also useful for other diagnostic applications. It is designed to vibrate at 128Hz (vibrations per second).

  • wartenberg neurological pinwheel
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    Wartenberg Neurological Pinwheel


    The Wartenberg Neurological Pinwheel is a useful tool for orthopedists, neurologists and neurosurgeons when evaluating patients’ ability to sense sharp or pointed contact with their skin. The results help healthcare providers to evaluate the extent of nerve damage or dysfunction. The pinwheel is made of stainless steel for durability. Its handle is approximately 7 inches…