Examination Table Paper

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Disposable Crepe Examination Table Paper

Examination Table paper is a critical accessory in a clinic. The primary purpose of the paper is protecting treatment tables from dirt and moisture. It helps prevent cross contamination from one patient to another and assures patient comfort during treatment. Despite its name, table paper is also used on treatment chairs and any other furniture that the patient may touch.

To serve this purpose, it needs to be strong and highly absorbent. It needs to keep harmful micro organisms and bacteria away from the table, thus preventing its transfer from patient to patient.

In addition to patient protection, a good examination table paper will protect clinic furniture from oils, gels and creams that may be applied to a patient during his or her treatment. This helps to increase the longevity of the furniture and optimize the return on the clinic’s investment.

Most types of exam paper are made from wood pulp fibers or recycled pulp. This makes it strong and durable as well as difficult to tear.

Paper that is easily tearable will not provide adequate protection of a treatment table from dirt and moisture left by a patient. If it tears easily, it may also become a source of annoyance to the patient.

Types Of Exam Table Paper

Exam table paper may be purchased with two alternative textures – crepe and smooth.

Smooth Table Paper

Smooth paper is machine glazed and has a finish that makes it 100% proof against moisture penetration. It is also tear resistant and has a comfortable and professional appearance.

Crepe Paper

Crepe paper, on the other hand, has a texture similar to that of a paper towel. It is an opaque paper that is generally softer than smooth table paper.

Because of its paper towel like texture, crepe paper is less likely to slip on furniture than is smooth paper. This enhances the comfort of the patient who is lying or sitting on it. In addition to a higher comfort level, crepe paper is less noisy while it is in use.

Choosing Exam Table Paper

Both crepe and smooth paper are excellent choices and neither is inherently superior to the other. The decision as to which is best comes down to the clinic’s priorities.

If the priority is for moisture and tear resistance over patient comfort, then smooth paper is probably the better option.

However, if the clinic wishes to emphasize absorbency  and a quieter, softer option for greater patient comfort, they will probably choose crepe paper.

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