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  • Adjustable Exercise Band

    Adjustable Exercise Band


    The CanDo® Adjustable Exercise Band is great choice for strength and flexibility training. It can also be used for multiple stretching exercise and warm-ups. This band is highly effective and professional use. It is equipped with with adjustable clips and hooks for users convenience. The resistance level of each band can be adjusted to increase…

  • Adjustable Exercise Band Kit


    The CanDo® Adjustable Exercise Band Kit is an easy-to-use, portable, light-weight, modular exercise system. The resistance of each band can be increased or decreased by adjusting length of band used. “Quick-Attachment” hooks can be attached to the “D-ring” making it the perfect accessory!

  • Dispens-A-Band Exercise Band Rack


    The CanDo® Dispens-A-Band® Exercise Band Rack holds five 100-yard Perf 100™ dispenser boxes or any 50 yard dispenser boxes. Easy and convenient rack for storing and dispensing exercise band rolls that are sold in a dispenser box.

  • Exercise Band & Tubing Scissors


    CanDo® Exercise Band & Tubing Scissors – accessory for dispenser rack. Scissors used for cutting exercise band and tubing.

  • Exercise Band Handle with D-Ring


    The CanDo® Exercise Band Handle with D-Ring is a great accessory to connect to adjustable CanDo® exercise band. You can also use to attach it to any standard exercise band and tubing by securely tying band or tubing in a double-knot around D-ring. Each handle is foam covered with a firm rigid interior.

  • Exercise Band Rack


    The lightweight, stackable CanDo® Exercise Band Rack holds five 100-yard Perf 100™ rolls or any 50-yard rolls of resistive exercise band. Cradle facilitates smooth dispensing of any exercise band. Two lightweight, stackable plastic racks hold ten 100-yard Perf 100™ rolls or any 50-yard rolls of resistive exercise band each. Cradle facilitates smooth dispensing of any exercise…

  • 360 Athletics Fitness Loops
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    Fitness Loops


    360 Athletics Fitness Loops are a great choice for you if your lifestyle requires late night or early morning workouts or lots of time on vacation or business trips.

  • Low Powder Exercise Band


    The CanDo® Low Powder Exercise Band is an economic solution for upper and lower body exercise. Lightweight, compact and portable. Durable. Effective when used alone, or with handles and anchors. Color-coded according to the exercise band’s resistance. CanDo® Perf 100® economic bulk size roll is the best value for large clinics. The CanDo® Perf 100™ offers a…

  • Low Powder exercise bands from Val-u-band
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    Low Powder Exercise Band


    These are color coded low powder exercise bands from Val-u-Band® for use in your resistive exercise workouts. It is an economically priced latex exercise band that carries the same great quality that you have come to expect from CanDo® latex exercise bands. Levels of resistance are (going from least to greatest resistance): Pear (0); Peach…

  • WalSlide Original Exercise Station


    The pulley attachment to the CanDo® WalSlide® Original Exercise Station includes pulley wheel, rope and handles. Attachment can hook up to anchor on horizontal or vertical segment of exercise station. Additional sliding anchor for the CanDo WalSlide® original exercise station includes all the parts necessary to anchor band or tubing to the WalSlide® original exercise…

  • WalSlide Slim 2.0Exercise Station


    The CanDo® WalSlide® Slim® 2.0™ Exercise Station is a lightweight exercise station for resistance exercise band and tubing exercisers. The lightweight channel anchors to wall studs. The sliding band and tubing anchor (included) glides along center channel and locks in place at desired height. The adjustable anchor adjusts to any height along the channel. The…

  • Webbing Door Mount Strap


    The CanDo® Webbing Door Mount Strap is 16 foot long and attaches around a door. It is height adjustable and allows for any anchor position along the door. For band, tubing or bungee cord. Includes D-ring attachments. Wall mount vertical strap is 5.5 feet long with a 16 inch long horizontal strap with 5 D-ring attachments…