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Resistance bands are a full body versatile exercise option that you can use to build strength, improve mobility and rehabilitate after injury. The bands are lightweight enough that you can take them with you on business or vacation trips. Just stash them in your luggage or on the back seat of your car. Then you can take them with you with no inconvenience at all.

Alternatively, if you prefer to exercise at home (instead of the gym) resistance bands are the perfect accessory for this. With social distancing being such a vital issue these days, these bands allow you to stay at home and get all the benefits of the equipment you would find at the gym. You also get some additional advantages thrown in – we list some of these below.

The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research has reported that research has established that the bench press and resistance band push up (done at similar stress levels)  produce similar strength gains.
Use Your Stabilizing Muscles To Improve Core Strength
As with free weights, resistance bands recruit your stabilizing muscles to strengthen your core muscles and help you maintain your form while doing reps. They will also allow you to use multiple muscle groups at the same time and improve the efficiency of your workout by forcing you to use more energy and improve your co-ordination at the same time.

Vary Your Exercise Angles To Recruit Different Muscles

Another key advantage of resistance bands is the control they offer you over the angles at which you train and recruit your muscles. In addition to allowing you to recruit different muscles each time, this has two advantages. First, if you have shoulder or wrist injuries, you can modify your workouts slightly to avoid pain and discomfort. Second, even if you are not injured, you can avoid the tedium of doing precisely the same exercise every time. Instead, you can incorporate some variety into your routines to make them more interesting.

Improve Your Form with Resistance Bands

When using free weights, you can utilize momentum to complete your reps. However, this is not an option with resistance bands – you have to maintain correct form all the way through. Once again, this makes for a more efficient exercise session. Using momentum also increases injury risk, but you don’t have to worry about that with resistance bands.

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