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  • theraband active recovery workout kit

    Active Recovery Kit


    The latex free Theraband Active Recovery Workout Kit is ideally suited  for upper and lower body exercise to strengthen muscles, increase your range of motion and improve your flexibility.

  • Exercise Band & Tubing Scissors


    CanDo® Exercise Band & Tubing Scissors – accessory for dispenser rack. Scissors used for cutting exercise band and tubing.

  • Exercise Bungee Cord Attachment


    The CanDo® Exercise Bungee Cord Attachment is an adjustable strap that attaches to CanDo® exercise bungee cords. Use to facilitate exercises.

  • Sale! 360 Athletics Figure 8 Resistance Tubing
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    Figure 8 Resistance Tubing


    Use 360 Athletics Figure 8 Resistance Tubing to keep yourself in peak physical condition at all times.

  • Jelly Expander

    Jelly Expander


    The CanDo® Jelly™ Expander is a great stretch exerciser for stretching and toning your upper body. Available in 3 configurations with 3 different colors and strength.

  • Man holding Low Powder Exercise Tubing Rolls
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    Low Powder Exercise Tubing Rolls


    These are color coded low powder exercise tubing rolls from Val-u-Tubing™ for use in resistance exercise workouts. Low powder Val-u-Tubing™ is a cost effective exercise tubing made from latex. It boasts the  same excellent  quality that we have come to expect from CanDo® latex exercise tubing. This product comes in 100 foot long dispenser boxes….

  • Over Door Exercise Bar & Tubing


    Use the CanDo® Over Door Exercise Bar & Tubing in the standing or seated position. Exercise superficial muscles and the deeper lying muscles. The bar can be used isometrically and dynamically. X-light resistance, yellow, CanDo® exercise tubing is attached to both ends of foam padded exercise bar. Tubing is then attached to swivel-pulley system. The…

  • 360 Athletics Resistance Tubing with Handles

    Resistance Tubing with Handles


    360 Athletics Resistance Tubing with Handles offer you a convenient way to build your upper and lower body strength levels.